Endel: Streaming

Endel: Streaming

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Make functional music with Endel AI

Partner with Endel to create unique releases that help listeners focus, relax and sleep.

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Hear our technology. Listen to the original track by Kx5 and the functional versions made with Endel AI.

Labels: create unique functional releases from existing music

Create releases for sleep, relaxation and focus.

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Create companion releases for albums

Support and extend the campaign of upcoming releases with a companion functional album – using existing recording material.


Turn catalog into functional releases

Breathe new life into existing catalog with functional spins on fan-favorites. Give fans a new reason to listen.

We work with
leading music companies

From cutting-edge indies to established majors.

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Original content for music platforms and brands

Create music for any function, with artists that will excite your users.

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8 Sleep app

Unique tracks designed to accompany sleep wellness products.

An 8h playlist, designed to support every stage of sleep.

Futuristic AI-powered playlist a first of it’s kind.

Endel’s AI turns any track
into functional music

It’s easy to create functional music with Endel. You provide the audio stems, we provide the AI technology and science.

  1. 1Choose a function: Focus, Relax, Sleep, Activity, Meditation, Study.
  2. 2Send us audio stems from any genre.
  3. 3We use our patented tech to create a functional version of the release.
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Join the wellness movement

Our mission is to help people focus, sleep, and relax with the power of sound, and we want you to join us.

By partnering with Endel you can tap into a new audience with a trend leader, and help make people’s lives better.

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An upward trend

Functional music generates billions of streams every month and has extremely high listener retention

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In step with a new generation

80% of Gen Z listen to music to regulate mood. People are actively seeking music to support themselves.

Work with Endel to create releases that make an impact

In addition to winning awards from Apple and Google for our apps, Endel releases and collaborations releases have made headlines.

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“AI music firm Endel has found a new frontier for its sleep tracks: Amazon Music.”

Amazon Music

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“We took the stems from my original record, which was recorded with lots of vintage synths and textural things throughout and Endel worked their AI magic. We wanted it to feel organic and electronic at the same time.”


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“The Wind Down soundscape I created with Endel lets me explore the more ambient side of my music and create a project to support people in a new way.”

James Blake

The industry leader

Apple Watch
App of the Year 2020

Golden Kitty Awards
Health Fitness Product
of the Year 2022

Google Play
Best of 2021 Award

Endel is an award winning company, working with AI in the functional music space since 2017

Let’s work together

Are you a label or DSP? Want to know more about how we can work together? Get in touch at:

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